Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Adam Okruashvili - Four Times Phalavan

Adam Okruashvili became the Four Times Phalavan (Absolute Champion) in Georgian wrestling(Qartuli Chidaoba-ქართული ჭიდაობა). on 21 December  in Tbilisi,Georgia The tournament held in Judo academy named after Shota Chochishvili ended with the same result as it was last 3 years.  There were 24 participants in this following tournament, in his Final way Adam Okruashvili  beat his four opponents(GiGa Gelashvili,Khvtiso Mosulishvili,Beka Berdzenishvili,Onise Bugadze) by throws on "ippon". in Final Okruashvili won over European Champion this year in Judo 90 kg Varlam Liparteliani
by points and became champion the fourth times, Liparteliani in 1/4 Final beat 40 kg heavier opponent Mirian Gonjilashvili and in semifinal defeated Dimitri Turashvili by points, Onise Bugadze won over Dimitri Turashvili and took the third place. Adam Okruashvili was awarded with 5 000 GEL and also with traditional prize ram by organizers. that Okruashvili put on his Shoulders .second place Varlam Liparteliani was awarded with 3 000 GEL and Bugadze with 1000 GEL.
Phalavnoba 2012, Absolute Championship in Georgian Wrestling-Qartuli Chidaoba.
1. Adam Okruashvili
2. Varlam Liparteliani
3. Onise Bugadze


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