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FreeStyle Wrestling Championship of Georgia 2012

National Championship in Freestyle wrestling was held in Tbilisi at Judo Academy named after shota chochishvili on 27-28 November .in category  55 kg new leader has appeard, after 2012 London Olympic Games Finalist in 55 kg Vladimer Khinchegashvili changed his weight caregory to 60 kg ,  Giorgi Edisherashvili from Tbilisi won gold medal in 55kg.

Giorgi Edisherashvili-Givi Davidovi Final - 55 kg 

Vladimer Khinchegashvili  became champion in 60 kg weight category and passed the first exam very well.beat in very interesting tough final Beka Lomtadze from Kutaisi in three periods, Lomtadze won second period 6-1 after he lost first by last point 1-1 and in third period Olimpic Silver Medalist took winning point in last seconds and became Champion of Georgia first time in mentioned weight category.

This video is public. Lado Khinchegashvili-Beka Lomtadze Final - 60 kg

Junior World Championship Finalist 2012 Konstantine Khabalashvili from Gori became Georgian Champion in 66kg weigh category. Beat in final Zurab Iakobashvili in even match.

This video is public. Kote Khabalashvili-Zurab Iakobashvili Final - 66 kg

Davit Khutsishvili won over Iakob Makarashvili in 2 periods and became Champion in 74 kg Category.

This video is public.   

Dato Khutsishvili-Iakob Maqarashvili Final - 74 kg


current European Champion and London Olimpic Games bronze medalist David Marsagishvli, champion of the last year, easily defeated his opponents and got gold medal in 84kg weight category.

Dato Marsagishvili-Nodar Egadze Final - 84 kg 

It was quite good championship. All the members of national team participated in this championship besides Giorgi Gogshelidze who is to finish his career that’s why  Elizbar Odikadze become Champion without big problems in 96 kg beat in final Beka Chelidze. 

Elizbar Odikadze-Beka Chelidze Final - 96 kg

discovery of the Championship was  18 years old young Georgian heavy weight talent Geno Petriashvili who wrestled in 120kg weigh category and won matches against David Modzmanashvili, 2012 London Olympic Games Finalist and Giorgi Sakandelidze- current leader of the National Wrestling Team. and become Champion in 120 kg, Petriashvili is Cadet European Champion 2011 and Junior World Championships Bronze Medalist 2012.

Geno Petriashvili-Dato Modzmanashvili 1/2 Final - 120 kg

Geno Petriashvili-Giorgi Sakandelidze Final - 120 kg

FreeStyle Wrestling Championship of Georgia 2012
November 27-28 ,Tbilisi

55 kg
1 Giorgi Edisherashvili
2 Givi Davidovi
3 Lasha Talakhadze
3 Otar Gogava

60 kg
1 Vladimer Khinchegashvili (Gori)
2 Beka Lomtadze (Kutaisi)
3 Murtaz Kvesadze (Kutaisi)
3 Malkhaz Zarkua(Adjara)

66 kg
1 Konstantime Khabalashvili
2 Zuran Iakobashvili
3 Koba Kakaladze
3 Malkhaz Zarkuardiani (

74 kg
1 Davit Khutsishvili (Sagarejo)
2 Iakob Makarashvili (Tbilisi)
3 Giorgi Sanodze (Kutaisi)
3 Zurab Erbotsonashvili (Sagarejo)

84 kg
1 Davit Marsagishvili
2 Nodar Egadze
3 Otar Urotadze
3 Levan Gogrichiani

96 kg
1 Elizbar Odikadze (Tbilisi)
2 Beka Chelidze (Adjara)
3 Tedore Ebanoidze (Kharagauli)
3 Mamuka Kordzaia (Adjara)

120 kg
1 Geno Petriashvili
2 Giorgi Sakandelidze
3 Archil Davitadze
3 Tornike Khidasheli


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